Who Are We?

When we first started our business in 2011, we had been searching for a word that could best represent the core value of our business: to provide professional video production and post production services to our clients. That’s how we found our magic word “cue”, as it represents the action used to prompt an actor’s speech or entrance in directing as well as editing.

CUEPRO has been recognized by the local entertainment industry and broadcast professionals as a young and energetic company which is specialized in television programmes, commercials (TVC), corporate, event videos and also post production. What makes us different from others is the capability we have in creating comedy contents that could always put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Our Production Team

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In the production industry, there is no substitute for on-set experience. Our multi-talented and dynamic teams have been in the industry for more than 15 years. Our production team consists of Director, Production Manager, Lighting Director, Cameramen, Art Director and Post Production Manager. The valuable experiences that we have gained over the years have enable us to adapt to different occasions and help us to solve any problems that could arise during production.


Ahmad Zainuddin Hj Abdullah

Company Director, Executive Producer, Producer Director, Scriptwriter and Production Consultant

Ahmad Zainuddin Abdullah has a long and illustrious career in broadcasting industry. With 20 years of experience in local and international TV production, he is undeniable a precious asset for the company. Being well-known as a remarkable producer, director and scriptwriter in local TV industry, he has made his own way in all TV stations in Malaysia such as Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), TV3 and ASTRO.


Company Director, Producer, Post Production Manager, Senior Video Editor and Drone Operator

With more than 12 years of experience in video editing, his responsibility is to supervise the complete post productions process from A to Z, which includes digitizing raw materials, offline & online editing, audio mixing and final output. Being a perfectionist, he is always dedicated in ensuring the video and audio quality meets the standard of local broadcasters as well as other commercial clients.

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